Accessible On-Street Parking Map

Accessible On Street Parking Map 2021_Page_1

Regulations for Non Designated Accessibility Parking

The holder of a handicapped parking permit or disabled person plate may park up to three hours at a half-hour, one-hour, and two-hour parking meter, by depositing the full amount of the respective parking meter (i.e. paying two hours for a two-hour meter, etc.).

Designated Metered Accessibility Parking Spaces

  1. On Church St. n/o Hamilton Ave (4th meter) – Driver Access, Slight Tree Obstruction
  2. IFO 44 Church St – Driver Access.
  3. IFO 158 Grand St – Passenger Access 
  4. WP Library Martine Ave Entrance – Passenger  Access (in Library drop off)
  5. IFO 197 E. Post Rd – Passenger Access, Lamp Post.
  6. IFO 452 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Utility Pole Obstruction
  7. On MLK Jr. Blvd. n/o Hamilton Ave – (1st meter) Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstr.
  8. On Hale Ave s/o Hiram St – Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstruction
  9. On Main St. w/o Court St – Driver Access, Tree and Trash Can Obstruction.
  10. On Old Mamaroneck Rd opposite Doyer Ave – Passenger Access
  11. IFO 60 Mitchell Pl – Passenger Access, 2 Meters
  12. On Quarropas St ( Opposite Slater Center) – Passenger Access, Two Parking Spaces
  13. On S. Lexington s/o Martine Ave – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, Bike Lane Buffer
  14. On Cromwell Pl – (1st meter, left side) Driver Access, Utility Pole Obstruction
  15. IFO 250 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Tree Obstruction
  16. Opposite 15 Chester Ave – (2nd meter on left) Driver Access, grass strip
  17. On Winchester St n/o E. Post Rd – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, Slight Incline
  18. IFO 20 Old Mamaroneck Rd – Passenger Access, grass strip 
  19. IFO 230 MLK Jr. Blvd – Passenger Access, Bike Lane Buffer for Driver Access
  20. IFO 7-11 South Broadway – Passenger Access, 2 meters 
  21. Cromwell Pl – last meter before Maple Ave. Driver Access, Slight Incline
  22. IFO 176 Grand St – Passenger Access
  23. On Martine Ave w/o Court St – (1st meter on left) Driver Access
  24. On Carhart Ave e/o Mamaroneck Ave – (last meter before Mamaroneck) Passenger Access 
  25. E. Post Road e/o Court St – Both Sides Access, In Small Municipal Lot
  26. On Church St n/o Barker Ave – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, grass strip 
  27. IFO 56 Doyer Ave – (7th meter before Old Mamaroneck) Passenger Access, grass strip 
  28. Opposite 88 Gedney Way – Passenger Access, 2 meters, grass strip
  29. IFO 245 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstruction
  30. IFO 201 South Lexington Ave – (1st meter on left) Passenger Access, Small Incline
  31. IFO 200 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access 
  32. IFO 199-201 Main St – (1st meter on left) Driver Access 
  33. On Quarropas St. e/o Grand St.– (3rd meter on right) Passenger Access
  34. IFO 245 Main St – Driver Access, 2 meters
  35. Mamaroneck Ave. at City Center Entrance – Both Sides Access past drop off lane.