Accessible On-Street Parking Map

Accessible On Street Parking Map 2021_Page_1

Regulations for Non Designated Accessibility Parking

The holder of a handicapped parking permit or disabled person plate may park up to three hours at a half-hour, one-hour, and two-hour parking meter, by depositing the full amount of the respective parking meter (i.e. paying two hours for a two-hour meter, etc.).

The holder of a handicap parking permit or disabled person plate may acquire a $50 monthly permit and park all day at parking structures’ reserved parking spaces. Both the handicapped parking permit and the monthly permit must be displayed.

Designated Metered Accessibility Parking Spaces

  1. On Church St. n/o Hamilton Ave (4th meter) – Driver Access, Slight Tree Obstruction
  2. IFO 44 Church St – Driver Access.
  3. IFO 158 Grand St – Passenger Access 
  4. WP Library Martine Ave Entrance – Passenger  Access (in Library drop off)
  5. IFO 197 E. Post Rd – Passenger Access, Lamp Post.
  6. IFO 452 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Utility Pole Obstruction
  7. On MLK Jr. Blvd. n/o Hamilton Ave – (1st meter) Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstr.
  8. On Hale Ave s/o Hiram St – Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstruction
  9. On Main St. w/o Court St – Driver Access, Tree and Trash Can Obstruction.
  10. On Old Mamaroneck Rd opposite Doyer Ave – Passenger Access
  11. IFO 60 Mitchell Pl – Passenger Access, 2 Meters
  12. On Quarropas St ( Opposite Slater Center) – Passenger Access, Two Parking Spaces
  13. On S. Lexington s/o Martine Ave – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, Bike Lane Buffer
  14. On Cromwell Pl – (1st meter, left side) Driver Access, Utility Pole Obstruction
  15. IFO 250 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Tree Obstruction
  16. Opposite 15 Chester Ave – (2nd meter on left) Driver Access, grass strip
  17. On Winchester St n/o E. Post Rd – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, Slight Incline
  18. IFO 20 Old Mamaroneck Rd – Passenger Access, grass strip 
  19. IFO 230 MLK Jr. Blvd – Passenger Access, Bike Lane Buffer for Driver Access
  20. IFO 7-11 South Broadway – Passenger Access, 2 meters 
  21. Cromwell Pl – last meter before Maple Ave. Driver Access, Slight Incline
  22. IFO 176 Grand St – Passenger Access
  23. On Martine Ave w/o Court St – (1st meter on left) Driver Access
  24. On Carhart Ave e/o Mamaroneck Ave – (last meter before Mamaroneck) Passenger Access 
  25. E. Post Road e/o Court St – Both Sides Access, In Small Municipal Lot
  26. On Church St n/o Barker Ave – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, grass strip 
  27. IFO 56 Doyer Ave – (7th meter before Old Mamaroneck) Passenger Access, grass strip 
  28. Opposite 88 Gedney Way – Passenger Access, 2 meters, grass strip
  29. IFO 245 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstruction
  30. IFO 201 South Lexington Ave – (1st meter on left) Passenger Access, Small Incline
  31. IFO 200 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access 
  32. IFO 199-201 Main St – (1st meter on left) Driver Access 
  33. On Quarropas St. e/o Grand St.– (3rd meter on right) Passenger Access
  34. IFO 245 Main St – Driver Access, 2 meters
  35. Mamaroneck Ave. at City Center Entrance – Both Sides Access past drop off lane.