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Biking in WP

About Biking

White Plains encourages bicycle use through the installation of bike lanes, the identification of "shared" bike routes, and a bike share program.

White Plains has 4.3 miles of designated bike lanes and numerous other bike routes with painted shoulders and "sharrows" for shared lanes.

Dockless Bike Sharing in White Plains

In June 2018 the City of White Plains launched a dockless bike share program.  The city has permitted Lime (lime green bikes) to operate.

Bike share is an affordable, convenient , healthy, and green way to get around White Plains. 

Lime Bike in Downtown WPHow do you ride? 

1. Download the Lime app (available for iOS and Android) for free. 

2. Register your basic information and payment method. 

3. In the app you'll be able to see a map showing where the bikes are located. 

4. Find the bike nearest you. 

5. Scan the QR code on the rear fender to unlock the bike and start your session. 

6. Ride safely! 

7. When you are done, park the bike responsibly. Don’t block the walking portion of sidewalks or driveways. 

8. Use the rear lever to lock the bike. 

9. Lastly, make sure you scan the QR code again. This will tell the company to stop charging you.

How much do the bikes cost? Lime costs $1.00/half hour to ride. 

What about helmets? We recommend that all cyclists, regardless of age, wear helmets. The Lime bike app does the same. However, NY State Law does not require helmets for those 14 and older. 

What does "dockless" mean? Dockless bike share bikes do not need to be parked in a docking station at the end of a ride.

So if there's no docking station where do I park the bike? The dockless bikes can be parked in any bike rack, painted bike parking area, or any other legal and appropriate place for a bike to park (For example -- just like regular bikes, bike share bikes cannot block pedestrian access to the sidewalk, accessibility ramps, or entrances to public or private property. Neither can they block vehicular access to the street.). See bicycle parking do’s and don’ts below.  

If you encounter problems including broken bikes, misplaced bikes, or any other issue call or email Lime 1-888-LIME-345 or email


  • Park in or next to bike rack or designated bike parking area
  • Park on the sidewalk pavement in what is known as the “furniture zone” (the part of the sidewalk that is closer to the curb, where street furniture lives).


  • Block pedestrian or wheelchair path, accessibility ramps, driveways, crosswalks, loading zones. 
  • Park at bus stops or street corners or block vehicular access to the street.
  • Lay the bike on the ground. Park the bike upright using the kickstand.