Veteran's Exemption

Veterans Exemption

     Any veteran who owns a one, two, or three-family home, condo, or co-op and who saw active military service during WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and/or Persian Gulf War, may be eligible for the Alternative Veteran's Exemption for city and county property taxes (co-op owners are eligible for county tax exemption only). Also eligible is anyone who received an Armed Forces, Naval, or Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal for participation in operations in Lebanon, Grenada, and/or Panama and who were honorably discharged or released from service.

Required Documentation

  • Application and Form DD214 (discharge) - Once granted, this exemption does not have to be renewed.

     Please note that if residence is a co-op, the "Certification by Co-op Board of Managers" form must be completed and returned with exemption application.

Exemption Forms & Applications

Alternative Veterans Exemption Application (PDF)
Cold War Veterans Exemption Application (PDF)

Deadline to file applications is December 1st of every year.