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Departmental Forms

  1. Building Department Services Survey: How Are We Doing?
  2. Contact Us (Drop-Down)
  3. Summer Camp Registration - Panawok - 2018

    Application to register for Panawok summer camp

  4. Summer Camp Registration - Teen Camp - 2018

    Application to register for Teen Camp summer camp

  1. Career Closet Referral Form
  2. Film Permit Application Form

    An Application to film in the City of White Plains

  3. Summer Camp Registration - Quarropas - 2018

    Application to register for Quarropas summer camp

Planning Department

  1. CDBG - Neighborhood Rehab Application

    City of White Plains Community Development Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program Application for Single and Multi-Family Residences.

  2. Share a housing or neighborhood concern
  1. Community Facilities and Historic Preservation Rehabilitation Application
  2. White-Plains Making Us #WPproud