# WPproud

Mary Garcia


Mary has made a difference to the White Plains community and has done over 200 community service hours to date. Mary has grown and matured throughout the time she has been connected with the White Plains Youth Bureau. She is now a senior at White Plains High School who is very determined and once she sets her mind to something she does not let anything stand in the way of achieving her goal. She is someone who is motivated and determined to be a leader. Over the time I have known Mary, she has demonstrated leadership qualities and dedication to all she participates in. She brings energy and compassion to everything she is involved in, whether it is academically related or otherwise.

Mary has worked for the White Plains Youth Bureau for two summers. The summer of 2020 she worked with Family Services of Westchester doing clerical work in their office on North Broadway. This summer she worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital also doing clerical work and she received excellent evaluations at both job sites.

Mary is a member of the White Plains National Honor Society and the Key Club at White Plains High School. She has volunteered throughout the community among numerous agencies. In 2019, she participated in the early learning summer program at the YMCA helping staff and children in a variety of activities. She has been assisting at numerous churches throughout the White Plains community volunteering her time for holiday events, children's activities and much more. She also has volunteered at the White Plains High School Library over the past two years. Last summer when Mary was not working she would volunteer her time at the Ecumenical Food Pantry at the Thomas H Slater Center. She would communicate with the Spanish families in need and also package food and distribute it to the public. Mary is a special young lady who deserves recognition for all she has done to make the White Plains community a better place! The world needs more people like her!

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