List of Foreclosed Properties

View our list of foreclosed properties (PDF) and now owned by the City of White Plains, New York for the non-payment of property taxes.

If you are interested in purchasing foreclosed property, you should first make sure that you understand what you would be purchasing:

  1. Visit or contact the City Assessor’s Office to obtain basic information about the property (lot size, structures, assessed value, taxing districts, previous owners, etc.);
  2. Visit or contact the City’s Planning Department and Building Department to obtain information concerning land use, accessibility, development and any restrictions on the use or improvement of the property;
  3. Visit and inspect the property.

If, after following the above steps you are still interested in purchasing the property, send a letter, fax, or e-mail expressing your interest in the property to: 

Commissioner of Finance
255 Main St, Ste 102
White Plains, NY 10601
FAX: 914-422-1273
Email the Commissioner