Bureau of Water & Wastewater (914) 422-1220  

24 Hour Emergency Hotline:  914-422-1333  
Water Billing Questions?  Call  (914) 422-1205

Bureau of Water 

The Department of Public Works (DPW) operates and maintains all equipment and systems at two water pumping stations, including chemical treatment and/or mechanical facilities. 

If you have a question about your water please call 422-1220.

The DPW Bureau of Water, provides an abundant supply of pure and wholesome drinking water to homes, businesses, schools, and institutions in White Plains.  It operates its water delivery system in compliance with all provisions of the U.S. Safe Water Drinking Act created for the benefit and the safety of the public.

Bureau of Wastewater

DPW operates a separate wastewater sewer system for the City of White Plains. Both of these Bureau’s operate under the supervision and direction of the Commissioner of Public Works and the Superintendent of Water/Wastewater..

Water Main Flushing Schedule

Water main flushing is a necessary maintenance procedure, scheduled once a year. Flushing is performed on normal workdays, between Midnight - 4 a.m.   Water pressure variations or discolored water conditions may occur. To avoid inconvenience, check the water before doing laundry and keep water in the refrigerator for drinking and cooling.  If your water looks brown from flushing, run your cold water until it runs clear.  Running hot water before clearing out the brown water will allow the brown water to enter your water tank - then you will want to run your hot water until it runs clear.

Discolored water may also result from street construction or water main work being done in the area. Any disturbance to the water main, including the flushing of an open hydrant, may cause pipe sedimentation to shift, resulting in rusty brown-colored water. The settling time will vary, dependent upon the size of your street’s water main. It is recommended to run your cold water for a number of minutes to flush the line.


Battle Hill, Church Street area, North Broadway area, 


Fisher Hill area, Westminster and Woodcrest areas and the Central Business District.


Prospect Park, Highland, Carhart areas


Soundview area, Old Mamaroneck Road area, Gedney Farms, Colonial and Havilands sections and North Street areas.


Coralyn, Reynal, Hillair, Holbrooke, Richbell, Topland, North Street, Saxon Wood, Rosedale areas.


2022 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report

The Draft of the City of White Plains 2022 Stormwater Management Program Annual Report is now available for public review on the City's website, the Department of Public Works, the Public Library and at the City Clerks office.  The City's Stormwater Management Program Plan Documents are also available for public review at the Department of Public Works.  Comments and questions on the City Stormwater Management Program can be submitted to City staff at (914) 422-1216.

Westchester County Hazard Mitigation Plan –  Public Comment Period

The Westchester County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021 Update is ready for public review! We are asking all residents and stakeholders to review the plan in its final format and provide comments and input.
The Public Review Period is open until December 16th.Click here to review the plan: https://www.westchesterhmp.com/

Call the Water Bureau at 422-1220 for more information