What is a subdivision?
A subdivision is the division of a lot, parcel, or tract of land into two or more lots for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of ownership transfer or building development with or without proposed new streets. The changing of the dimensions of two existing tax lots where no additional lots are created does not require subdivision approval. This is handled instead through what is called an "Administrative Lot Line Change," for which applications are made to the City Assessor's Office.

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1. What is a subdivision?
2. Who approves a subdivision?
3. How can I find out what is required to prepare a subdivision application?
4. Where do I get the necessary forms and information about filing a subdivision application?
5. What happens after the application is filed with the Planning Board?
6. Will my subdivision application require a public hearing?
7. What happens after the Planning Board approves my subdivision?
8. What is the final step in the approval process?