How much is the White Plains City Budget?

2018-19 City Budget: $174,046,442

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1. How much is the interest rate for delinquent taxes/water?
2. Can I pay my taxes or water bill with a credit/debit card via telephone or online?
3. How do I request a final water reading?
4. How much is the White Plains City Budget?
5. How often am I billed for water usage?
6. How do I update my mailing address?
7. Is there a grace period for taxes?
8. What Determines the Amount of a Property Tax Bill?
9. What Determines the Tax Rate?
10. Is there a minimum charge for water/sewer?
11. Does the City of White Plains shut off water for non-payment?
12. What is the Sales Tax Rate in White Plains?
13. How is the sales tax collected in White Plains divided up?
14. What is the sewer rate?
15. What is the city/school tax rates for Fiscal Year 2018/19?
16. What are the current County tax rates for calendar year 2018
17. What is the water rate?
18. When are the tax bills due?
19. When can I expect to receive my tax bill?
20. Where can I go with assessment and/or STAR questions?
21. Where do I mail my Tax payment?
22. Where do I mail my water payments?
23. What do I need to do if I own/manage a hotel/motel in the City of White Plains?
24. Can I have my tax/water payments taken directly out of my checking account?