Love Your Block Application

White Plains Love Your Block 2022 Grant Application

  1. Introduction

    The Love Your Block program is designed to support resident-led improvement projects. Residents and/or community groups are eligible to apply for project funds that will revitalize and beautify the White Plains community. If you are interested in learning more about the Love Your Block Program and seeing what other cities have done in their communities, check out the Cities of Service website:

  2. Important Dates
    • Application Release Dates: April 22, 2022
    • Application Deadline: June 22, 2022
    • Awardees Announced: June 29, 2022
    • Mandatory Orientation: July 8, 2022  at 7pm-8pm (in-person or zoom) 
    • Final Project Report Deadline: September 15, 2022                         
  3. Grant Eligibility Requirements:

    In order to qualify for the Love Your Block application process, each applicant(s) must: 

    • Propose a project that will occur within the City of White Plains. All project proposals will be reviewed with priority given to projects within Battle Hill and Ferris Ave.

    • Propose a project that is open to the public; what this means is that the project is something that everyone in your neighborhood can enjoy and be proud of.

    • The project beautifies the neighborhood and/or increases safety in the community.

    • Demonstrate that you can recruit 10 or more Volunteers from the neighborhood where the project will occur. The City of White Plains will also be available to assist with the recruitment of volunteers.

    • Commit to collecting before and after photos from the project site as well as key metrics like the number of trash bags removed.

    • Able to identify two project leaders who can attend the Mandatory Orientation,

    For application assistance, email to request a 1-on-1 meeting.

  4. Examples of Possible Love Your Block Projects:

    Neighborhood clean-ups, litter clean-ups, lawn maintenance, small home repairs, vacant lot revitalization, community gardens, neighborhood murals, and tree/flower planting. Applicants are invited to propose other creative ideas to improve their neighborhood.

  5. Funds May Not Be Used For:

    Mini-grants cannot be used for any personal use such as for rent or utilities, home repairs of the interior of the house, improvement projects that only benefit the individual and not the neighborhood as a whole.

  6. Application Checklist:
  7. How to apply:

    The application is both available online at and on paper. You can find a physical copy of the application in the following location: 

    • Building/Planning Department: 70 Church St, White Plains NY 10607

    • Centro Hispano:  346 S Lexington Ave, White Plains, NY 10606 

    • White Plains Library: 100 Martine Ave, White Plains, NY 10601

    • White Plains CAP: 70 Ferris Ave, White Plains, NY 10603

    • Battle Hill Community Center: 55 McKinley Ave, White Plains, NY 10606

    Application Deadline and Submission Details: 

    Completed applications are due no later than June 22, 2022 at 5:00 PM. Applications and additional documents can be submitted by email, mail-in, or drop off. See below for more information. 

    • Email:

    Subject Line: Last name, First name: Love Your Block Grant Application

    • Mail-in or Drop Off: 

    Love Your Block 

    City of White Plains 

    Planning Department 

    70 Church St, White Plains NY 10601

  8. Questions

    For any application questions or additional information about the Love Your Block program, please contact the Love Your Block team at: or call us at (914) 422-1300

  9. Section 1: Applicant Information

    Note: Any personal information disclosed in this application will be private and only viewed by the application review committee.

  10.  (limit: 3-6 sentences)   

  11. Section 2:  Project Proposal 

  12. Project Type (check all that apply):

  13. Beautification
  14. Environmental Safety
  15. Parallel Work (Check all that apply):

    • Parallel work is for any additional neighborhood improvements that you would like assistance coordinating aside from your mini-grant project. All work listed below can be assisted by the City of White Plains departments and/or other organizations.

  16. Possible City Assisted Projects (These are projects that city departments will have more involvement in.):
  17. Is the project site located on public or private property?*

    If the project is located on private property, please include a letter from the owner offering permission for your group to complete your project if selected. You can reach out to the LYB team if you need help contacting property owners. 

      • Describe the project. 

      • Indicate the main objectives/goals. (Minimum of 1 goal)

      • If the project includes elements that improve the natural environment, please describe those elements. How will the project enhance the natural environment? (Bonus) (limit: 3-6 sentences)

  18. Section 3: Community Engagement

  19. Volunteer List:

    Each project requires a minimum of 10 resident volunteers from who reside or work in the same neighborhood where the project will take place. 

    Please write the names and addresses of those volunteers in the section below. 

    Note that if you can’t round up 10 volunteers it is NOT a deal breaker.

    If you need assistance finding volunteers please check the box below

  20. Section 4: Budget

  21. (limit: 3-6 sentences)        

  22. Section 5: Impact

  23. (limit: 3-6 sentences)        

  24. Section 6: Application Attachments

    • Please attach “before” photos of the project site(s). 
      • If you are mailing a physical copy of the application, the photos should be mailed in with your application (they can be printed from on a word document). Make sure that the photos are clear.  

    • Letter of Permission from Private Property Owner

      • You will need a letter of permission ONLY if the project you are applying for will be conducted on a property that is not owned by you or the City of White Plains
        • This includes projects conducted on vacant lots and rental properties.

    • If you need assistance contacting the property owner or run into other challenges, reach out to the Love Your Block team by calling (914) 422-1300 or email 
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