There are many ways for White Plains residents to recycle

Recycling many of our every day items is mandatory in Westchester County.

The City of White Plains is pleased to present many options to our residents to make recycling easy - and yes, sometimes it can be an enjoyable experience.  The overall goal of these pods and sheds is to exponentially decrease the tonnage of items that would enter the waste stream when they are thrown out as trash.  At the same time, provide residents with items that are still in good usable condition.  


87 Gedney Way
White Plains, NY  10605
(914) 422-1472


Monday - Saturday:  8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Residents and Contractors Allowed)
Sundays:  8 a.m. - Noon  (Residents Only)

PLEASE NOTE:  The Gedney Recycling Yard is CLOSED Friday, July 3, 2020.   
The Gedney Yard will be OPEN regular hours on Saturday, 7/4/2020 and Sunday, 7/5/2020

The Gedney Yard is Not a Dump

Rather, it is a recycling facility that temporarily stores a wide variety of items that are ultimately recycled in various ways.

Download the DPW At Your Service APP to conveniently find out how to dispose of items.  
The APP is available for both Android and I Phones.

RECYCLING DROP OFF AREAS Located in the Gedney Yard

Co-mingled / Paper / Electronics Recycling Pods

  • Bottles, cans and jars and plastics (numbered 1-7)
  • Newspapers, magazines, cardboard
  • Electronic Items such as radios, TV's, VCR's and cell phones  
  • Yard Debris (grass clippings, brush, small twigs, leaves)
  • DO NOT place co-mingled recycling in plastic bags.  Use a dedicated receptacle to hold your recycling.
  • (Return plastic bags to your local grocery store - click on the link below for more information)

E-Waste Drop Off

Residents are encouraged to recycle as much electronic waste as possible. 
Click here to see a list of items that may be deposited at one of the E-Waste pods located at the Gedney Recycling Yard. 

For those items what are not accepted at the Gedney Recycling Yard please check on the Westchester County website at  

Film Plastics - 

Check out this link to learn:  The Right Way to Recycle Your Film Plastics

Examples of film plastics include:

  • Bubble wrap, air pillow and all plastic envelopes/mailers that protect items during shipping
  • Produce bags, bread bags, grocery bags and zip top food storage bags
  • Product overwrap (paper towels, bathroom tissue and bulk cases of water wrapped in plastic)
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Newspaper bags

Avoid the Use of Plastic Bags!

Instead of using a plastic bag, you can:

cloth bag
* Use canvas, cloth or a durable plastic bag.

* Reusable bags are more environmentally friendly than paper or plastic. Under the law, any store required to recycle plastic bags must also sell reusable bags. Keep them in your car for the next time you have to run out for groceries.

* Say "No thank you." Not all items require a bag so tell the clerk, "No thank you." Carry small purchase   items, like a magazine, candy, or a drink, instead of in a plastic bag.

* Tell a friend!  Get others to recycle and use reusable bags.

Textile Recycling Pod

Drop off any fabric that is clean and dry.  The City is partnering with TransAmerica, a textile recycling company that either redistributes the fabrics or up cycles them into other uses, rather than sending them to landfills.

Soles for Souls

The City of White Plains has collected more than 25,000 pairs of gently worn shoes and this non profit company, Soles for Souls collects these shoes and redistributes them to parts of the world where they have none.  This partnership pays off in two ways:  by providing shoes to those who need them ... and by keeping all of those shoes out of our landfills.

Take It or Leave It (TILI) Shed 

One person's trash is another's treasure.  Drop of your gently used household items such as dishware, bicycles, radios, etc. for another family to use.  They do not accept any stuffed toys, pillows or fabric furniture.  

The TILI Shed is scheduled to open August 1, 2020 thru October 2020.  This award winning recycling shed is run by Eco Neighbors - a volunteer organization located in White Plains.   

Please note that these dates may change and guests must wear masks covering their mouth and nose at all times PRIOR to entering the facility.

TILI Shed Hours


Wednesdays 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturdays 9 a.m. - Noon

Batteries- Keep Them Out of Household Recycling!

Batteries keep life powered, whether it’s our laptops, power tools, car batteries, or a flashlight- batteries are what keep our modern life running on the go. But did you know many batteries contain toxic metals and corrosive materials that can be released into the environment when improperly disposed of? These toxic metals can pollute our soil and water, potentially harming fish, wildlife and even humans. In addition, although recyclable, batteries have their own separate recycling programs and can become a hazard when they end up in household recycling with plastic, metal, and glass where they don’t belong (and will be landfilled). Batteries that improperly end up in household recycling bins can become damaged in trucks during transport or at recycling facilities not designed to handle batteries and can cause dangerous fires. You have the power to protect the environment and keep workers and firefighters safe from the hazards of improper end of life battery disposal by recycling right! 

Recycle Batteries

To properly dispose of batteries take the following steps:

  • Never put any batteries in your household recycling bin with your plastic, metal, glass and paper
  • Identify if your batteries are single-use, rechargeable, or lead-acid batteries
  • If batteries are single-use, it’s usually acceptable to discard them in the trash. Check with your local recycling program- your county or municipality may have recycling options for single-use batteries.
  • If batteries are rechargeable and covered under the NYS Rechargeable Battery Recycling Act, do not dispose of them in the trash. Find a collection location at a retail center that sells rechargeable batteries, use the Call2Recycle program, or contact your local Recycling Coordinator to ask questions or sign up for a household hazardous waste event that may accept rechargeable batteries
  • If batteries are lead-acid (cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles) return them to a retail location that sells them or other collection location for proper recycling
  • If you have electronic devices like tablets or cell phones that have rechargeable batteries inside, please review proper disposal for electronic waste and cell phones.
    If you have further questions about proper battery disposal or recycling e-mail

Hypodermic Needles and other Sharps 

are not recyclable. 
  • Bring these to your local hospital or nursing home for safe disposal.

Westchester County

 has a drop off facility for many items, including some that are not accepted by the City of White Plains.  If you are a resident of Westchester County, you may call and make an appointment to discard many of your recyclables.

Located at 15 Woods Road in Valhalla, NY (914) 813-5425
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

The H-MRF accepts many items that are not currently accepted at the Gedney Recycling Yard including:
  • Medications
  • Paper for Shredding
  • Propane BBQ Tanks up to 20 lbs
  • Tires
  • For a complete list of items, click on the H-MRF link above.

Recycling works, if we all participate in making it happen!