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DPW Code Enforcement 422-1208
The public right of way (ROW) is land on public property.  Streets, sidewalks and public parks are included in this definition.  If you would like to inquire about conducting any type of work on City owned property please contact Code Enforcement to ensure prior authorization to do so.

Code Enforcement (422-1208)
The Department of Public Works' Code Enforcement Office is responsible for issuing permits on public rights-of-way that include the following:

  • Sidewalk obstruction and vault permits 
  • Curbing and driveway permits
  • Street opening / obstruction permits

Code Enforcement Permits (422-1208)
Contact Code Enforcement if you are planning any of the following projects:

  • Any type of sidewalk repair
  • Driveway expansion or any changes within the property rights-of-way up to the curb
  • Blocking any City-owned land, including any City streets or rights of way
  • Operating a crane of City owned property
  • Storing a dumpster or "pod" on City land

Sidewalk café permits - Outdoor Cafe's generally open by April 15th. All paperwork must be submitted 30 days prior to opening, with the following information:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Completed Hold Harmless agreement
    3. Certificate of Insurance

      Working in the downtown area?
      Please note the Holiday Moratorium dates from November 1st - New Years.

      Renovating or Building New?
      Under NY State Law, renovations, additions or new buildings on any property, besides requiring a permit from the Building Department (422-1269), may also require the completion of a DPW Stormwater Management Permit Application (SWPP), which will be given final approval by DPW's Bureau of Engineering.  

      Know your boundaries!

      Property owners should know that the land adjacent to the curb is public property and the adjacent property owner to that curb is responsible for maintaining it, including the sidewalks and curbs.  The public right of way depth varies for each parcel of land.  Check your property survey to determine your property line.  This is particularly important to be aware of before installing a fence, building any kind of wall, installing a sprinkler system or even planting a tree.

      Post No Bills (signs) on the ROW (Sec. 7-5-6) of the City Charter
      Utility poles on the public right of way (ROW) are not a place for private signs in White Plains.  If you are having a tag sale, hosting an open house or the like, you are in violation of the POST NO BILLS ordinance if your signs are posted on utility poles, in public medians or on the public ROW.  Please keep signs on your own private property, off the right of way. 

      Do not leave containers at the curb
      Garbage containers, recycling bins, compost cans and bags should be placed at the curb for collection on the day of collection between 6 a.m. and no later than 8 a.m. Emptied, as well as uncollected containers and bags are not to remain at the curb as they are unsightly and violate the City's Municipal Code.

      Pet Waste
      Proper disposal of Pet Waste is important. Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet.

      Dig Safely!
      White Plains is a well developed city with an infrastructure that goes well beneath the surface.  Prior to any type of excavation please contact Dig Safely NY (dial 811) to void hitting any utility lines and perhaps causing a big problem.  You may also log on to their website at for information.